Top Things to Buy Local

farmers market

Studies suggest that shopping local supports the local economy. But realistically speaking, you cannot buy everything locally for varied reasons. One example would be if local manufacturers are not producing the product you need or not at the same quality you are looking for. If you want to shop more sustainably, here are some of the things you can do to buy or support local.

Eat at locally-owned cafes, restaurants, and food vendors
Dining at locally-owned food establishments and food vendors helps small business owners and entrepreneurs in your area. Many local restaurants even serve food made from locally-grown and seasonal ingredients. Eating and drinking at these places will not only help their business but also helps you take small steps towards sustainable eating.

Shop from farmers’ markets
There is no better place to buy produce but from farmers’ markets near you. You will not only find fresh fruits, vegetables, and other food products. You will also help pump more money into the local farming industry.

Buy from independent or local retailers
Whether you are looking for books, flowers, or medicines, you can get what you need from local businesses or vendors in your community.

Choose local service providers
Hire local contractors or independent local service providers instead of big, foreign-owned companies. Some of the services you can hire locally include home repair or handyman services, auto repair or maintenance services, and more.