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Make Successful Raised Garden Beds with Your Corded Drill

As you know, gardening is beneficial to humans and to the environment, which is why we’ve decided to focus on making successful garden beds today using your corded drill. If you don’t have one yet, you better purchase one now.


  1. Choose the location of the beds. If you have no choice but to situate your garden beds in a site which is in a marsh, don’t worry; your corded drill can help you build functional beds. Details will be explained in the third step.
  2. Prepare the location by removing the weeds and turf. Draw the dimensions of the bed on the ground using a string or chalk. Dig with vertical strokes along the outline. Make sure it’s thick enough to bury 1/2 of your first course of lumber. Raised beds eliminate the issue of poor drainage by allowing the water to flow.
  3. power-drill-electric-cordedNow, you’ll need your corded drill to make the bed a functional one. Use the power tool to drill weeps at the base of the sides. – This is a vital step especially if you want to have an excellent drainage system. Be a master gardener and follow this step.
  4. If there is no turn between the garden beds, lay down some landscape fabric and enclose it with a layer of gravel to improve drainage.
  5. Level the gravel or earth layer at the bottom of your garden bed, then add a layer of weed-restraining landscape fabric which stretches to the outer edge of the wooden frame.
  6. Prevent pests from ruining your future plants by placing a bottom layer of hardware cloth like a mesh grid of galvanized metal or steel.
  7. Construct each wall of the garden bed separately.
  8. Join them and put the bed into place. It’s recommended to set posts into the ground to help the bed stay in place, either at the inside corners of your bed or halfway along the side walls. Remember that stability is crucial. The posts can also lessen the outward pressure which a full bed exerts on the frame.raised-garden-beds
  9. Use a cap railing to tie everything together. Let it run around the top of your garden bed. A cap railing also comes in handy for whenever you need to put down your gardening tools or whenever you need someplace to sit on.
  10. Use bed covers to shoo away insects and keep your plants warm in cold weather.

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How to Promote Sustainability in Your Own Way

Conserve energy

If you’re not using your appliances, turn them off and unplug them to save energy. If there’s a leaky faucet, fix it immediately. If you can’t, don’t hesitate to ask for a handyman’s help. In your own way, you can help lower global carbon footprints by starting at home.

Don’t always use your car

Likewise, reducing your car usage is also an excellent way to promote sustainability. You’ll be able to decrease your transportation costs as well as the carbon emissions produced by your private vehicle. If you don’t want to take the bus, then perhaps you’d prefer riding a bicycle. By doing this, you’re part of the campaign to better the quality of air.


Buy what you need only

Promote a sustainable lifestyle by purchasing what you need and disregarding what you want. This way, you’ll have less garbage. If ever you’re going to buy non-biodegradable products, ensure that they can be reused or recycled, so you don’t make more waste with the things you purchase. Because let’s be honest, our landfills are getting larger and larger by the minute. When acquiring stuff, make sure that they’re also durable, long-lasting, and of high-quality, so you can use it for longer. Consider a spray paint. When buying, make sure you visit first before purchasing one, so you can get a quality one only.

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Grow fruits and veggies

Did you know that gardening can help lessen carbon footprint and reduce harmful environmental impacts? Growing your own food allows you to apply sustainable methods. There is no guarantee that the food in supermarkets promote sustainability. Growing food also have more health benefits because they are fresh. Your kitchen waste can also be reused as fertilizer, allowing you to reduce waste.

Plant trees

olive trees

If you can cultivate fruits and vegetables, why not level up your game by planting trees too? To say that trees are essential is an understatement. These God-given gifts improve air quality by capturing carbon dioxide and giving off oxygen. Imagine, a single tree could absorb around 330 pounds of carbon dioxide and release oxygen into one community per year. Trees even help us combat climate change and natural calamities like flood. Need I say more?


Being More Eco-Friendly


Believe it or not, there is no such thing as being too eco-friendly. And believe it or not, there is only such thing as being more eco-friendly.

But you see, being more eco-friendly is not just about making sure that you are living green. But you also see, being more eco-friendly is not just about making sure that you are going green. You even see, being eco-friendly is not just about making sure that you are doing green.

Being more eco-friendly is about:

Being More Appreciative

As they say, you’ll never know the value of something until you lose it. In the case of our surroundings, you’ll never know the value of something unless you experience it for yourself. Seeing all those places you’ve only seen from pictures before, by now, should have inspired you experience all those things you’ve only heard from strangers before. From here on, you would be more appreciative – not just towards Mother Nature, but also towards those who help protect the environment even in the littlest of ways. From here on, you would be more appreciative – not just towards those who help protect the environment even in the littlest of ways, but also towards what you currently have in front of you.

Being More Patient

As they also say, good things come to those who know how to wait. In the case of our surroundings, good things happen to those who learn how to wait. It’s just like planting a new tree. Living green takes time for you build the needed habits. Going green also takes effort for you to make the needed inspirations. Doing green even takes both for you to be the kind of person everyone will look up to when it comes to protecting the environment, just by raising more awareness on environmental issues that, while most people think doesn’t matter, matter such as global warming and waste segregation.

But wait, there’s more!

Being more eco-friendly can also be as simple as using the right kind of water bottle for your next going green trip or as complicated as using the right kind of reciprocating saws for your next doing green project. Simply put, acting based on what’s truly right. And simply put, not performing based on what’s only right.

How about you?

What do you think being more eco-friendly is about?

What can you do to help protect the environment? What can others do to help protect the environment?

Share your thoughts with us below!

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